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September 23 2017


September 08 2017


September 02 2017

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Go spend some time with the bees 🐝 …. I guarantee it will make your day better. #bees #bee

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Go spend some time with the bees 🐝 …. I guarantee it will make your day better. #bees #bee

August 29 2017


August 01 2017


July 22 2017

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Legend number three. #hipstamatic @hipstamatic

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Legend number two. #hipstamatic @hipstamatic

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Legend number one. #hipstamatic @hipstamatic

July 18 2017

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A Dead Fox 🦊

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Sprinkler. #hipstamatic #iphone7plus @hipstamatic @hipstaconnect

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Matching Jackets at the Bus Stop. #hipstamatic @hipstamatic @hipstaconnect

July 12 2017

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The black hand 🖐🏿three. #hipstamatic #hipstography @hipstamatic

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The black hand. ✊🏿two. #hipstamatic #hipstography @hipstamatic

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The black hand. 🤚🏿one. #hipstamatic #hipstography @hipstamatic

July 10 2017

cars 3 movie tickets

June 29 2017

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Settle in for story time with Uncle DJ….
I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to be holding this package in my hands…. I have been waiting 20 years for this album from @calebjames_music - Caleb is one of the greatest musical talents I have ever known. Back in 1997 I started a record label with the backing of one of Australia’s biggest music distribution company and I begged Caleb to record a solo album for it, we only had a small budget and Caleb just couldn’t make that work - I still have the cassette tape of demos Caleb made for it (and I still listen to those demos) - for the love of amazing Australian music made by real working artists - please go support Caleb and buy this project now. You will not be disappointed- I personally will give you a money back guarantee: if you buy this album and book package, listen to it all the way through a couple of times and read the book - if you are not happy with the amazing value; I will personally come over to your house and throw the cash back at you. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND BUY THIS NOW @calebjames_music #calebjames #songsforspacetravel

June 15 2017

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No one there. #geelong #easternbeach

June 14 2017

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Geelong can be pretty special. #geelong #easternbeach

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